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Better Bi-Monthly

Our flagship pest control plan for residential homes is the Better Bi-Monthly Service.  This program fixes the most common pests: ants, peridomestic roaches, spiders, including black widows, scorpions, centipedes, earwigs, and crickets.  This service package includes five seasonally timed visits scheduled about every 2 months beginning in February or March and has a visit-to-visit warranty for live pests inside the home.  In addition to applying control materials, including non-toxic traps and monitors, we remove webs and wasp nests on the outside and inspect for other pests and conditions that might lead to pests.  Furthermore, if you run into a problem that is not covered by this program, such as rodents or german roaches, we will give you 25% off our Tactical Services rates as a Better Bi-Monthly client!

Good On-Call Service

Because everyone has different pest control needs, we proudly offer our Good On-Call Service.  This is our NO CONTRACT plan, and will help to manage and control most household pests when they are bothering you the most!  We will give those pests what they deserve and we’ll be happy to come back when you are ready for more service!

Property Management

If you are in the business of leasing space or managing rental properties, we are your new best pirate buddy!  We look after the needs of the tenants, the concerns of the property managers, and the interests of the property owners,  and we offer special On-Call pricing for rental agencies!  Contact us today for more details!

Commercial Pest Control

It’s hard to get anything done when you are distracted by invading beasts!  Let us help turn your office or shop into a No Pest Work Zone!  Whether you run a food service establishment, or an industrial complex, having an experienced, licensed pest control expert as part of your team is an invaluable resource.  Call us today for an inspection and estimate!

Rodent Management

Mice and rats are complex creatures that can create real problems in your home or business by contaminating food, ruining your belongings, chewing on electrical wiring and generally causing trouble!  Our area is the preferred habitat for a wide variety of rodents like deer mice, pack rats, field mice and they each have their own habits and lifestyle.  Managing their resources and controlling their populations can be challenging!  We can help put an end to their mischief with our skills and knowledge! Call The Pirates of Pest if your house has become a nest!

Tactical Services

Not every pest problem can be sprayed away, and some insect pests have incredibly insidious ways of causing us harm and challenging our methods of control!  Moths and beetles can secretly be damaging your stored food and expensive items.  German cockroaches have historically been one of the most difficult animals to rid oneself of!  We offer our skills and knowledge, and the best, most effective products on the market today, to help free you from the curse of these and other, more complex beasties!  And if you have a pest problem that we don’t specialize in, we have allies throughout the pest management industry that we can help you make contact with!

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Rio Rancho

Located:  Rio Rancho, New Mexico, 87144, United States
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